selected projects

sp9 narathiwas house0D supar architecture studio

Narathiwas House

House renovation and extension project. We moved an old stair to the empty space between the two buildings.

sp8 ayatana spa supar architecture studio

Ayatana Spa

We transform a site of 2m setback borders into the garden of relaxation & sensitivity.

sp5 mid century house0D supar architecture studio

Mid-Century House

We try to explore back to the 60s when human hands are well balanced with the use of technology and the influence on house design.

sp16 cloud cook kho0D supar architecture studio

Cloud Cookoo

Destination project of Nakornsawhan, Thailand that discovers the sense of place.

sp2 baansomtum bangna flagship store0D supar architecture studio

Baansomtum Bangna Flagship Store​

The spaces of the three functional programs: cafe, restaurant, and park are facilitated into one continuous flow, intertwined into a complementing relationship of forms and functionalities.

sp3 horme cafe0D supar architecture studio

Horme Cafe​

We express the true identity of plywood. A common foundation of making a good coffee and a good architectural design is to have a great understanding of the ingredients / the materials.

sp15 horme cafe kaoyai0D supar architecture studio

Horme Cafe Kaoyai

Cafe project at Kaoyai. Study of Kaoyai Native Landscape, New Kaoyai destination, and Nature Education.

sp6 the horizon house0D supar architecture studio

The Horizon House

Horizon reflects natural phenomenon and beauty. We try to reverse the perspective from the life that lives inside this house toward the horizon by expanding them.

taitun house homegal supar architecture studio

Tai Thun House

Tai Thun, the open space under the Thai traditional house, is a unique space due to its quality of semi-publicness – the area is covered on the top by the house.

sp4 curious kind childhood center0D supar architecture studio

Curious Kind Childhood Center​

Kindergarten and play space that blends various materials into a balanced and appropriate design for a place that could be an institution and home.

sp12 long house supar architecture studio

Long House

We develop rammed earth and wood structural techniques and also research sustainability, both passive and active techniques.

sp14 shared house supar architecture studio

Shared House

“A house that has a library in it, has a soul.” The private library in Shared House links all spaces together with a triple-height atrium space and an indoor courtyard.

sp13 sampran house supar architecture studio 2

Sampran House

The renovation project transforming the classical existing house and reconnecting it to the Tha-Chin river.